Each manufacturing company has its own specific needs, which translate into the need for different alloy formulations. For this reason Master Alloy Divison can count on more than 400 alloy compositions for the gold and silver jewelry manufacturing industry.

The Market is in continuous transformation, and so should the products be transformed. With the dialogue between supplier and customer new and competitive solutions can be created.

Every year the Master Alloy Division range of products becomes wider and more diversified, but the solutions for the new challenges to the world of jewellery production are still to be found.

For this reason, the R&D Team of Legor Group Master Alloy Division is at your service for:

  • Design of custom-made formulations
  • Dedicated Research and Development projects
  • Production process consultancies
  • Development of product and specific technical guidelines



Thanks to its internal laboratory, equipped with advanced technologies and highly specialized technicians, LEGOR GROUP endorses its Clients in the development of the production processes, to guarantee superior quality results.


POWMET is a product line emerged from the work of highly qualified technical staff, able to manage all the steps of powder laser melting, from the CAD-CAM application to obtaining the finished pieces. Our technical staff is able to adapt parameters to optimize the use of Legor Group powder in any PLM technology machine.
Starting from the concept of the piece the customer wants to realize, expressed in a CAD-CAM render made with the most common available programs, our technical staff will be able to add the supports needed for the production of the pieces, and set up the machine parameters for the manufacturing steps to proceed smoothly.
Our technical service at this point gets in the depth of Legor Group experience with metallurgy: we offer full support on how to use the powder and how to handle the process of manufacturing with any machine that applies to PLM technology. In the final step, once the pieces have been produced, our staff will give the necessary support and information related to the finishing process: removal of the supports, polishing and finishing.



Particles Morphology and Size Distribution, Flowability, Apparent Density and Tap Density.


Chemical Composition (macro/micro elements and impurities), O/N analysis, C/S analysis.


Bulk Density, Porosity, Melting Range, Color Measurement, Roughness, Hardness and other Mechanical Tests.


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